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Dr Lynne Taylerson has over a decade’s experience in research in post-compulsory education. Working on projects in the UK and EU she has authored numerous research reports and also supported new researchers in their work with supervision and mentoring. Experienced in working to tight deadlines, in both solo work and as part of larger research teams, she is expert in the use of rich digital reporting media including formal reports, journal articles, blogs, videos and conference and webinar presentations.

The case studies below provide a flavour of two recent projects:

Client projects

The Education and Training Foundation (ETFClient: The European Training Foundation (ETF)
Project: Digital and Online Learning (DOL) research in Vocational Education and Training (VET)

The European Training Foundation (ETF) is the EU agency which supports countries in and surrounding the European Union to reform their education, training and labour market systems. The Foundation work with governments, business, education and training providers and social partners in countries in and around the EU to support processes for education, training, and labour market reform with a range of evidence-based methodologies.

Real Time has just completed a year-long research project on the use of digital learning in vocational education and training (VET) in the EU and worldwide. The research work investigated innovative use of digital learning and tools, pinpointing case studies of creative use as well as analysing challenges and barriers to uptake of digital learning. The final report highlighted digital learning successes and also drew out the social and organisational changes required to extend the use of digital learning in vocational education, the workplace and in social learning settings around the world.

The final report was presented to ETF in early 2021 and promoted through several blogs on the Foundation’s Open Space community network as well as at two dissemination and consultation conferences involving educators from across the EU and beyond.

Client: The Education and Training Foundation (ETF)
Project: Thematic Review of OTLA action research projects

The Education and Training Foundation (ETFThe Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is the sector body for responsible for improving the quality of teaching and leadership in the Further Education and Training sector. ETF steers professional learning for teachers working in post compulsory education.

Real Time has just completed an extensive thematic research review of the sixth phase of ETF’s Outstanding Teaching Learning and Assessment (OTLA) programme. The OTLA programme supports small scale projects involving single departments or individuals and more extensive, region-wide activity. OTLA work promotes change and empowers FE and Skills practitioners to focus on effective practice and devise solutions to their own challenges.

he thematic review analysed work done across 40 diverse OTLA projects in 2019 and 2020 by hundreds of FE practitioners. The final report drew together emerging themes from the work done and presented case studies of innovative practice. The report also examined challenges and barriers faced by practitioner action research teams and made some recommendations for development of future programmes.

The final report will be disseminated on ETF’s website and through several blogs written by Real Time summarising the findings.


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