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Client projects

Real Time are leaders in creative digital pedagogy and learning and online event facilitation. Clients have included UCL/Leeds University, The Education and Training Foundation, University of Warwick, MET Academy and Transform Education/TeachermaticAI.

We create innovative and engaging online learning and assessment environments leveraging the power of AI. Signature pedagogies encourage dialogue and reflection and community-building as well as growth of knowledge and skills. Extensive experience in webinar facilitation allows us to plan and facilitate powerful live online learning events.

The case studies below provide a flavour of recent projects:

Client projects

TeachermaticAI working for Transform Education/Innovative Learning Technologies
Project: Design, evaluation and testing of new AI generators for teachers

TeachermaticAITeachermatic leverages the power of AI to improve teaching efficiency. The Teachermatic tools help teachers reduce their workload and improve their productivity.

Real Time worked with Transform Education/Innovative Learning Technologies from the pilot stages of the Teachermatic platform to conduct initial appraisal and testing of the original bank of generators. These tools allow teachers to enter keywords to automatically generate lesson plans, glossaries, flashcards, classroom activities and perform many more common tasks.

Following the hugely successful initial platform launch, we have collaborated to design and test a new bank of generators which focus on teachers’ CPD and quality processes and publicity and promotion of courses and events. The new generators include coaching, mentoring and lesson observation prompts and tools which will generate press releases, newsletter items, social media posts, course publicity and event invitations.

Client: Digital Learning Institute
Project: Design of digital microcredentials courses and webinar masterclasses

Digital Learning InstituteReal Time is collaborating with Maren Deepwell consulting to design a suite of microcredentials for digital learning professionals. The suite of courses, Digital Leadership in Education, comprises modules focussed on Digital skills for emerging leaders, Developing digital leadership capabilities, Ethical professional practice, Digital leadership in the hybrid workplace and Leading innovation and managing change.

The modules will empower emerging leaders to develop the functional and critical skills to be reflective leaders and managers in a world of fast-paced change powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and digital innovation.

The curriculum is linked to the Association for Learning Technology’s (ALT) CMALT professional certification and Framework for Ethical Learning Technology (FELT) with 90-minute Digital Masterclass webinars accompanying each module.

Client: Education and Training Foundation
Project: Digital skills and pedagogy curriculum design and video creation for FutureLearn online course

The Education and Training Foundation (ETFThe Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is the sector body for responsible for improving the quality of teaching and leadership in the Further Education and Training sector. ETF steers professional learning for teachers working in post compulsory education.

Real Time has been working with professional development colleagues at ETF to create a bespoke online course for trainee FE teachers to help them develop digital skills and pedagogy. The course will be presented on the ETF’s FutureLearn platform and includes video-based modules on the need for digital skills development, digital pedagogies and CPD for teachers and digital tools for engagement and motivation of learners.

The modules showcase a range of free digital tools that teachers can use to engage learners with quizzing and polling, collaborative work, communication and digital presence and portfolio building and embed the underpinning pedagogies required for their use.

Client: Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training Association (HWGTA)
Project: Digital skills and pedagogy staff development and bespoke IT curriculum development

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training Association (HWGTA) is an Ofsted Grade 1 training provider specialising in Apprenticeships and teacher, leadership and management development programmes delivered at training facilities in Hereford and Worcester city centres. 

Real Time have been working with leadership and management at HWGTA to analyse learning technology and digital pedagogy skills and deployment and help leaders and mangers develop a strategy for wider use of technology in learning. This has been achieved by use of an innovative hybrid curriculum consisting of in-person and webinar-based staff development sessions followed by a reflective needs analysis. 

The training was delivered to a mixed group of leaders, managers, lecturers, trainers and company associates enabling them to analyse current technology use and future possibilities for expansion and experiment with digital tools for engaging, active learning. Digital tools and pedagogies for polling and assessment, collaborative work, reflective practice, project planning and portfolio building were showcased and critically evaluated. 

 Real Time have also developed further digital programmes for the Association including Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced IT courses including MS Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint and data security and social media presence programmes. 

 Members of the HWGTA management team commented:
"A huge thank you for your training – really informative."

"I thought your training style was fabulous!!"


Client: University College London, Institute of Education and Leeds University
Project: Video sourcing and storyboarding for FutureLearn MOOCs

After working as a digital champion and mentor on the highly successful FutureLearn MOOCs Blended Learning Essentials 'Getting Started' and 'Embedding Practice', Lynne has worked with Diana Laurillard's team at University College London and with Leeds University staff to source media content and create storyboards for videos for the MOOCs 'Developing Digital Skills' and 'Digital Skills for Apprenticeships'.

The MOOCS are aimed at tutors and managers in Vocational Education. The MOOC video segments feature organisations who excel in creative use of digital tools to develop the digital skills of staff and learners including Basingstoke College of Technology, Sussex Downs College and Middlesex Aerospace.

The work involved sourcing content, liaising with contributors and video teams, creating script and editing notes for the MOOCs' video segments.


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