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Data Security

Data SecurityBusy, successful companies rightly focus on data use which makes their organisation run most efficiently – but not always upon the security of that data. When the newspapers are full of stories of data security failings due elaborate hacking plots, it's easy to view malicious, external forces as the most significant threat to data security – but what about the company's own staff?

A data security breach, as well as seriously damaging company reputation, can result in fines of up to £500,000 per infringement and legal action in some circumstances. In the last 6 months of last year alone, 66 enforcement notices and £2.17M in penalties were issued by the Data Commissioner's Office. Fines of up to 5% of global turnover are now being proposed as part of the new EU General Data Protection Regulations.

Do you have a robust data security policy in place? Is every one of your staff aware of this policy and following it during every data handling task both on and off your premises? Data security training for your staff will ensure that they are able to apply best practice principles in all data-related tasks and an audit will give you peace of mind that robust facilities and procedures are in place to allow them to do so.

Real Time Education provide best practice data security training to ensure that staff know how to enter, process, transport, transfer and archive all paper-based and digital data in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) whether working on your premises, at home or off-site. In collaboration with Real Time Audio, we are also able to offer robust data security audits of premises and operating procedures, ensuring that all data security bases are covered.

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